Advocating for our members and promoting the construction industry to legislators and policymakers is an important priority for CAMPC. We work with elected officials and government agencies at the state and local levels to encourage investment in building infrastructure and the development of sound policies that will lead to job creation and a thriving economy. We will continue to track, analyze and lobby bills with impact to the mechanical, plumbing and HVACR industry and keep members apprised of the issues and bills affecting their business.


As part of our efforts, CAMPC distributed to the legislature, in 2012, its Colorado Capital Construction Report.  This report serves to outline the economic impact of the construction industry in Colorado and educate legislators about the lack of funding and dire need for investment in capital construction and controlled maintenance. Our efforts paid off when an additional $194 million in capital construction and controlled maintenance funding was included in the state’s spending priorities for Fiscal Year 2013-2014, a significant increase over previous years. This funding means more work for Colorado contractors.


CAMPC is a founding member of the Building Jobs for Colorado (BJ4C) Coalition which represents a broad coalition of construction industry owners, general contractors, sub-contractors and sub-sub-contractors across Colorado.  The BJ4C coalition meets at least twice per month during the session to review and discuss legislation and the potential impact on the construction and design industries. Together the coalition represents more than 1,500 companies and 40,000+ employees in Colorado to advocate on industry issues at the state capitol. BJ4C hosts an annual Legislative Reception attended by industry leaders and elected officials, providing an opportunity to network in a social setting and to see the construction and design industries and BJ4C coalition collaboration. BJ4C has helped pass several payment reform laws on behalf of our members and the industry.

Recent legislative successes include:

  • CAMPC worked closely with higher education institutions to add $135,335,748 million in university, state and controlled maintenance projects to the state budget. The projects are in addition to $342 million in projects that we already lobbied in the 2014-15 budget ($224 million of general funds and $118 million in cash funds).
  • Increased contractor cash flow by lowering retainage on state & local public projects to 5%; requiring release of retention within 45 days of final occupancy
  • Speeding up payments in the change order process in public works projects
  • Renewal of the state plumbing statute through 2014